Skop kerja Mudlogger (Pengelog Lumpur)

Ada macam-macam jenis pekerjaan atas pelantar ni. Antaranya ialah Mudlogger atau bahasa melayunya pengelog lumpur(lebih kurang gitula...).Kerja Mudlogger ni bolehla dikatakan agak tough dari segi mental disebabkan kena selalu monitorize walau apapun operation atas pelantar minyak ni. Selalunya mudlogger ni berkelulusan geologi sebab mudlogger akan cek semua sampel tanah yang keluar dari lubang dan kemudian dilogkan.
Lebih detail lagi tentang skop kerja mudlogger ni aku amik dari

A mudlogger collects and monitors information from drilling operations, such as drilling data, gas and samples, using a range of equipment and laboratory techniques including binocular microscopes, ultraviolet fluorescence and thin section analysis.

They monitor drilling parameters, including:

speed of rotation;
rate of penetration;
pump rate;
pit levels;
cutting rate;
mud flow rate.

Mudloggers are contracted to an oil company via a service company and are based on an oil rig. They feed information and advice back to the drilling team for operational purposes, which is then reported back to the oil company.

Mudloggers are also known as logging geologists or mudlogging geologists.

» Typical work activities

Tasks typically involve:

-working in wellsite units, collecting, processing, logging and analysing geological samples;
-evaluating detailed and complex data for signs of oil or gas using various laboratory techniques;
-monitoring computer recordings of drillings;
-interpreting information and feeding this back to the drilling team to enhance safety and success;
-operating and maintaining a real-time computer-based data acquisition system, the advanced logging system (ALS), which records all aspects of rig activity;
undertaking some on-site maintenance, for which a knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems is useful;
-taking on the primary health and safety role for the well through constant monitoring of all critical drilling parameters;
-predicting dangerous situations, such as over-pressured formations;
-assisting the wellsite geologist during coring operations;
-reporting back to the wellsite geologist and to the oil company in written reports;
-frequently acting as a drilling engineer, collating and then logging details of drilling operations in oil companies' computer systems.
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